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Institute for Ecological Modernisation (IEM), Bulgaria

The Institute for Ecological Modernisation (IEM) is an international foundation registered in Bulgaria, which focuses on the mobilisation of intellectual, social, governmental and financial resources and applying them to the process of sustainable modernisation of urban environmental-health management in Bulgaria and its neighbouring post-communist countries. IEM was founded in October, 2000.

IEM is aiming to achieve the following primary goals:

to promote scientific and practical solutions to problems in the area of environmental preservation, health care and quality of life of local communities;

to establish proper conditions for public involvement in the decision-making process, and for sustainable and environment-friendly development of regions and local communities;

to provide social aid and assistance to marginal groups of citizens and ethnic minorities for their social adaptation and integration, and for improving the quality of their life;

to set up conditions and to provide high quality training, capacity building and professional development of local authorities and business administrators, dealing with environmental, health and quality of life issues.

Contact details:

Address: 8, Ilarion Makariopolski Str., 9000 Varna, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 (0) 52 612858

Written on 4 December 2006.



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