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HEAL and PAN Europe Workshop "Pesticide use reduction for better health", European Parliament, 7 March 2007

As the European Parliament gears up for the upcoming first reading of the new EU legislation on pesticides, the Health & Environment Alliance and Pesticides Action Network Europe have contributed to the debate by organising a workshop on 7 March 2007 to call for pesticide use reduction for better health, particularly of children and vulnerable groups.

The workshop was hosted by MEP Hiltrud Breyer, rapporteur for the Regulation on the placing of Plant Protection Products in the Market, and co-hosted by MEPs Erna Hennicot Schoepges, Dorette Corbey and Roberto Musacchio.

Dr Roberto Bertollini, Prof. Philippe Grandjean, other experts and stakeholders presented the latest scientific findings pointing to potential links between pesticide exposure and neurotoxicity to children’s developing brain as well as acute and chronic illnesses including allergies, asthma, several types of cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

HEAL and PAN Europe urged MEPs to “cut back on pesticides for healthier lives” and supported their demands with a briefing and a poster.

Please find below the final programme, press release, briefing and poster "Cutting back on pesticides for healthier lives", as well as presentations from the workshop.

Final programme

Briefing: Cutting back on pesticides for healthier lives

Poster: Is the EU protecting our children’s brains?

"Children and pesticides, a review of the evidence", Dr Roberto Bertollini

"The need for neurotoxicity testing of pesticides to protect children", Prof Philippe Grandjean

"Legislative failures in the protection of children against pesticide residues", Prof. Jana Hajslova

"Swedish experience in the substitution of hazardous pesticides", Peter Bergkvist

"Campaigning to eliminate the exposure of rural residents and communities to pesticides", Georgina Downs

"Recognising pesticide links with Parkinson’s disease", Jean-Luc Dupupet

Press release

Written on 7 March 2007.



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