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European Parliament supports civil dialogue

In January 2009, the European Parliament adopted a report by Polish Socialist Genowefa Grabowska calling for a more structured dialogue between EU institutions and civil society. The report calls for the adoption of an inter-institutional agreement on civil dialogue including:

  • binding guidelines concerning the appointment of civil society representatives
  • methods for consultations
  • funding of civil society

Analysing the report in EurActiv, Roshan Di Puppo, director of the Social Platform said “the Lisbon Treaty recognises that involving citizens beyond traditional representative democracy is actually a fundamental principle of modern democracy. The fact that the European Parliament takes this very seriously and wants to strengthen civil dialogue is very positive since MEPs are the ones representing citizens in the European Union".

Find the report here.

Read the EurActiv article here.

Find the Civil Society Contact Group study “Civil Dialogue: making it work better” here

Written on 27 January 2009.



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