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New French Youth Group calls for focus on Environment and Health.

On Saturday May 30 a new french youth group, Appel de la Jeunesse (The Call of Youth) held a round table debate at the European College of Ostéopathy in Paris.

The Appel de la Jeunesse issued the following statement, setting the scene for the debate :

We, the youth, do not accept:

- that around us our parents, our close relations and even our peers, are touched by cancer;

- that more and more young people experience difficulty in conceiving a child;

- that as new parents, our children are affected with allergies or asthma;

- the increasing obesity, diabetes and incapacitating diseases;

This speech would like to make us believe that all of this is inevitable, or that is only a matter of individual responsibility.

We do not regard this situation as normal!

- Because our bodies and those of our children are immersed in widespread chemical pollution,

- Because our food is increasingly artificial and contaminated by pesticides and additives,

- Because marketing pushes us to being compulsive consumers of material products and fast food,

- Because new technologies like mobile telephones, GMOs or nanotechnologies are developed without serious evaluation,

- Because we are seeing a decrease in biodiversity as well as a changing climate – it is not possible for humans to be in good health on a sick planet.

We have launched the Appel de la Jeunesse to push health and the environment into the centre of the policy options.

-  In summary; thorough scientific investigation is required in order to guarantee that progress will benefit humans and the environment.

Below is a the list of speakers present at the roundtable–

Gilles-Eric SERALINI: Expert for the French government and the European Community on genetically modified organisms.

Maël RANNOU: Student, Co-president of Fac Verte Paris.

Pierre the RUZ: European expert on the question of the electromagnetic fields.

Roland DESBORDES: Physicist, President of Criirad.

François VEILLERETTE: President of the MDRGF, former President de Greenpeace.

Albert-Claude QUEMOUN: Professor of Pharmacology.

Yorghos REMVIKOS: Professor at the Faculty of Medicine.

Maria FURRIER: President de BioConvergence Rhône-Alpes.

See the website for more details.

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Written on 4 June 2009.



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