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Campaigning for a mercury free world

This summer an international project has been launched aimed to raise awareness of the health risks of mercury exposure and calling on decision maker to create a strong global mercury treaty.

The campaign, “MERCURY-FREE,” is coordinated by the International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN), of which HEAL is a member. The campaign is supported by a further nine international NGOs.

The aims of Mercury Free are three-fold, to;

- raise awareness about mercury exposure and safer alternatives;

- engage and enable the public to promote mercury-free policies at local and national level; and

- promote a strong global mercury treaty to be adopted in 2013.

IPEN’s Mercury-Free Campaign reflects the alarming international level of human and environmental health threats posed by mercury and aims to build a highly effective and robust base of civil society and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) across the globe to support the development of a strong global mercury treaty.

If your organisation would be interested in joining the campaign, please contact Jan Samanek, IPEN

You can find out more information about Mercury Free on the website

Written on 30 June 2010.



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