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HEAL hosts European film premiere: Living Downstream

29th & 30th November HEAL will host a series of screenings of the groundbreaking film, Living Downstream followed by policy discussions on cancer and environment.

HEAL is really pleased to be able to bring this film to Europe, we hope you can join us.

- Monday, 29th November. A screening of excerpts from the film and science-to-policy discussion

19.30 - 21.30. Room JAN 6Q1, European Parliament, Brussels Sponsored by Sirpa Pietikainen & Petru Luhan, MEPs

Living Downstream presentation: Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D. discusses her work to break the silence about cancer and its environmental links, and presents the new documentary film ‘Living Downstream’, based on her acclaimed book of her struggles with cancer and her environmental research.

Panel Discussion: How can the EU better address the latest science with policies for the ‘environmental prevention’ of cancer?

• Dr Andrew Watterson, Head, Occupational & Environmental Health Research Group, University of Stirling, Scotland, U.K.

• Viorica Cursaru, Myeloma Euronet, European Cancer Patients’ Coalition. (ECPC)

• Genon Jensen, Director, Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL)

This will take place in collaboration with the European Cancer Patient Coalition and Forum against Cancer Europe and is by invitation only.

- Tuesday 30 November – 18.00 - 20.30, Mundo-B, Rue d’Edinbourg 26, Brussels

Premiere Screening, followed by a discussion session with Sandra Steingraber.

After the film, please join us for a discussion, food & drink.

This event is open to the public- to reserve a place, please contact joelle.

Download the poster here

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store:

“Once there was a village overlooking a beautiful river. The people who lived there were very kind. These residents, according to the parable, began noticing increasing numbers of drowning people caught in the river’s swift current. And so they went to work devising ever more elaborate technologies to resuscitate them. So preoccupied were these heroic villagers with rescue and treatment that they never thought to look upstream to see why the victims were falling in. Living Downstream is a walk up that river. The river of human cancer.”

Read more about Living Downstream

For further information, please contact Lisette Tel: +32 2 234 3645

Written on 27 October 2010.



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