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Unintential injuries and deaths throughout the European Union are caused by accidents associated with road-traffic, poisonings, falls, drownings and among intential injuries including self inflicted injuries, violence and war.

The WHO estimates that out of every 10 children (aged between 1-14 years) who die in the European Region, between three and four die as a consequence of injury.

Road traffic accidents represent the primary cause of injuries in north-western Europe. One in three deaths from traffic accidents involves a person under 25 years of age. Every year, some 9 000 children and young people under 19 die in traffic accidents and 355 000 are injured. These figures represent about 10% of all deaths and 15% of all injuries from traffic incidents.

The European Child Safety Alliance runs campaigns specifically related to child safety and have produced a very good overview of EU Regulation. The European Transport Safety Council look into traffic related injuries thoughout the EU as well as Member State organisations.

The European Commission DG Public Health have a working group under their Injury Prevention Programme. Many stanards are set for products related to safety by the CEN committee and CENELEC. DG Transport have a programme called CARE measuring injuries caused by road accidents, as well as running the European Road Safety Charter and have an independent group of experts on accidents in the transport sector, under the WHITE PAPER "European transport policy for 2010 : time to decide". Finally the WHO run a programme looking at accidents, transport and health