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Damp and mould information for citizens

In Europe, an estimated 10-50% of the indoor environments where human beings live, work and play are damp.

Excessive dampness, moisture and condensation are a threat to health. Mould produces allergens, which can cause allergic reactions, irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that remedial action works. Research demonstrates that people living in well-insulated accommodation are less likely to visit their doctor or be admitted to hospital respiratory conditions than those living in damp homes.

A joint initiative by HEAL and WHO Europe

HEAL and WHO have developed an information brochure and a directory of national agencies to help individuals find out more about indoor air quality and its impact on health.

> HEAL and WHO Damp and Mould Information Brochure HEAL and the WHO have developed a brochure of key messages for citizens to help prevent and reduce the exposure to dampness and mould, and to remove potential mould once it occurs. Further references and user guides on actions against dampness and mould are available in several languages.

Download the information brochure here in English or Russian

> Directory of Damp and Mould Agencies in Europe HEAL has compiled a directory of national organisations providing information and remedial action on damp and mould.

Click here to download the directory - or click on your country in the list below

The new directory was produced by HEAL based on a grant by the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health.



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Damp and Mould Information Brochure


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