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About us & our members

- HEAL Annual review 2009 - 2010

- HEAL Brochure in English, Russian, Italian, German and French

The Health and Environment Alliance aims to raise awareness of how environmental protection improves health. It achieves this by creating opportunities for better representation of citizens’ and health experts’ perspectives in the environment and health-related European policy-making.

Our membership includes a diverse network of 65 citizens’, patients’, women’s, health professionals’ and environmental organisations across Europe and has a strong track record in increasing public and expert engagement in both EU debates and the decision-making process. 13 members are international or European organisations and 52 works at national or local in 26 different countries.

What we aim to do:

- Make European citizens and NGOs more aware of policy changes that can help or hinder progress towards sustainable development
- Support the participation of citizens in policy making at the European level and represent their concerns
- Strengthen EU policies in favour of better protection of health and the environment
- Link significant research findings to recommendations on policy action

What we can do for you:

- Ensure you organisation is part of the independent voice on health and environmental issues in Europe
- Keep you informed about what’s going on in environment and health
- Create opportunities to build networks and coalitions
- Showcase the work of your organisation

Priority issues for 2010-11 include:

- Environment and Health Strategy (EU Environment and Health Action Plan)
- Children´s Environment and Health (CEHAPE implementation)
- Chemicals (REACH)
- Air Quality (NEC Directive)
- Mercury
- Pesticides
- Climate change
- Public Participation

European Commission - Register of interest representatives

HEAL’s entry on the European Commission’s register of interest representatives can be found here.




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