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Health and Environment Alliance - Budapest conference and CEHAPE implementation

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Budapest conference and CEHAPE implementation

European ministers of health and of environment and other high-ranking delegates from the WHO European Region unanimously committed themselves to a set of specific actions to ensure a better future for the children of the WHO European Region. In the Children’s Environment and Health Action Plan for Europe (CEHAPE) and the Conference declaration, adopted at the closing of the Fourth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health in Budapest, Hungary, ministers agreed on a series of concrete measures to reduce the impact on children’s health of air pollution, water, chemicals and injuries, which account for one third of all deaths and diseases in the group aged 0-19 years.

CEHAPE 4 priority goals

- Regional Priority I - Reduce the morbidity and mortality arising from gastrointestinal disorders and other health effects, by ensuring that adequate measures are taken to improve access to safe and affordable water and adequate sanitation for all children.
- Regional Priority II - Prevent and substantially reduce health consequences from accidents and injuries and pursue a decrease in morbidity from lack of adequate physical activity, by promoting safe, secure and supportive human settlements for all children.
- Regional Priority III - Prevent and reduce respiratory disease due to outdoor and indoor air pollution, thereby contributing to a reduction in the frequency of asthmatic attacks, in order to ensure tht children can live in an environment with clean air.
- Regional Priority IV - Reduce the risk of disease and disability arising from exposure to hazardous chemicals (such as heavy metals), physical agents (e.g. excessive noise) and biological agents and to hazardous working environments during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence.

Minister´s will implement the action plan through National children´s environment and health action plans with the help of a Table of child-specific actions on environment and health.


EEN will monitor and campaign for the implemenation of the National action plans related to children´s environment and health.



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