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Health and Environment Alliance - Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

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Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Mobile phones and Wi-Fi connections, as well as the vast array of wired and wireless technologies we benefit from today, are becoming an issue of growing health concern.

A landmark report in August 2007 from the BioInitiative Working Group, an international group of scientists, researchers and public health policy professionals, reviewed more than 2000 published scientific studies on electromagnetic fields. The BioInitiative Report concluded there are serious scientific concerns about current limits regulating how much EMF is allowable from power lines, cell phones, and many other sources of exposure in daily life. It also concluded that existing standards for public safety are inadequate to protect public health.

Exposure to EMF has been linked to a variety of health problems and diseases ranging from sleeping disorders and allergies to childhood and breast cancer. The use of cell phones for 10 years or more is found to double the risk of malignant brain tumors. Power line EMF exposure is likely responsible for hundreds of new cases of child leukaemia every year in the United States, Europe and around the world, according to scientific evidence presented in the Bioinitiative Report and the World Health Organization.

Warnings from scientists, health agencies, governments and professional scientific organisations worldwide about the possible health risks and long-term effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) have been steadily growing. The European Environment Agency (EEA) itself is calling for immediate action to reduce exposure to EMF. The agency warns that a further delay in taking precautionary measures could lead to a health crisis similar to those caused by asbestos, smoking and lead in petrol.

Despite the mounting evidence, today we are still living with the same old standards that do not take into account the worrying new data. The Health & Environment Alliance advocates for regulatory and preventative actions to be taken as soon as possible by the EU. In particular, HEAL calls for a review of all EMF regulations.



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