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Some chemicals have been recognised or are suspected to cause cancer, harm the immune system, or lead to developmental, reproductive, cardiovascular or blood, endocrine, gastrointestinal or liver, kidney, musculoskeletal, respiratory, skin or sense organ toxicity, and neurotoxicity.

To date, it has been difficult if not impossible to easily obtain information about the types of health hazards posed by toxic chemicals.

While some regulatory agencies have generated lists of carcinogens and developmental and reproductive toxicants, these are often difficult to find and link to sources of information about chemical release or exposure. For other important health effects - such as neurotoxicity or endocrine disruption - the lack of information is even more serious.

HEAL’s chemicals work in the Media. Find out all the media coverage on chemicals this year.

- The Chemicals Health Monitor project

HEAL’s chemicals project, Chemicals Health Monitor, is designed to help people understand the new European system for regulating chemical safety (REACH) enable them to give input about key decisions.

The project also provides information to the public to support measures to reduce the harmful effects of hazardous chemicals on health and the environment, and to choose safer alternatives. The Chemicals Health Monitor provides monthly updates on EU chemicals policy, you can sign up for these here. Visit the Chemicals Health Monitor Website www.chemicalshealthmonitor.org to find out more.

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